Who is WJ

The Wicked Jade is the sexier, sassier and more badass alter ego of a 40-something divorced single mum and lawyer in London. I started an Instagram feed with me posing in my knickers because I wanted to say something about how I make an erotic statement with my clothing – how I bring fetish-inspired style out of the sub-culture and into the mainstream. Out of the bedroom and into the boardroom. Then it morphed into a personal journey to subvert the traditional expectations of me as a professional woman, a mother, an Asian woman, in other words, a woman who doesn’t want to hide her sexual self.
This blog will feature more of my writing about subjects that go a little deeper than just what I’m wearing. Feminism, sex, dating, love, style, motherhood, politics and social commentary may all feature. If you’re just after the pics, head over to Instagram.
The name “The Wicked Jade” comes from a quote from Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones describing a shamed and disreputable woman – a slut basically. I have no shame, and I embrace my sluttiness with pride.