Life is sweet: Sugar dating for the uninitiated

Sugar daddies and sugar babies, how I survived a spell in the sugar bowl.

I was vaguely familiar with the concept of Sugar Daddies (SDs) and Sugar Babies (SBs) – young women, from college age to about mid-twenties, dating older, richer men to fund their way through their studies. They could be doing waitressing, hostessing or lap dancing, but they had chosen sugar dating. When a friend suggested that I try sugar dating, my instant reaction was “I’m far too old to be a sugar baby”. Surely I’d be more suitable as a Sugar Mama! The secondary, more nuanced reaction, was that dating someone who would provide money and gifts in exchange for my company, intimacy, sex, was complete anathema to a radical feminist who believes in women being independent and free creatures, answerable to no man. The final reaction was: “Hmm, but should I try it anyway?”

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