Lingerie advice for sexy times: Part 2

I know I have earned my stripes as a sex AND lingerie blogger when women ask for advice on lingerie to wear during sex. I’ve already written about lingerie to get laid in a previous post. Recently however, a follower specifically wanted to get the best type of undies to wear whilst being penetrated from behind, aka, doggy-style. Her husband particularly wanted a good view of her butt and she wanted something special to wear whilst she was on all fours.

Whilst not surprising that many men enjoy banging from behind, a recent poll of British women has shown that their favourite sexual position is also dick à la derrière (although I take such polls, or indeed any surveys about sex, with a large pinch of salt).

The immediate response to the question would appear to be simple – wear some ouvert/peek briefs. But if you’ve actually worn these before, you will know that they are mostly designed to make your bottom look cute, but don’t necessarily give you the desired accessibility for a good old fashioned doggy-style rogering. Most of them have a gusset which would still need to be pushed away if the D needed to reach the V. If anal is what is desired, then ouvert styles would work in most cases. However I assume that the more popular activity amongst the general public is vaginal rather than anal sex. Crotchless knickers may provide the solution as there is no gusset or a split gusset, but I haven’t seen many that I thought were alluring in a sexy but luxurious way. If they are of high quality, luxe fabric, you might also worry about ruining them with friction and/or body secretions. Needless to say, this question has prompted me to try on lots of bottoms to see which ones would win Rear (Entry) of the Year.

These are my top picks, although I stress that I did not road test all of these in actual live action.

  1. Bordelle Art Deco Ouvert Strap Brief

I could have sent my enquirer to Bordelle for a huge selection of knickers to wear during intimate moments. On their website, I counted at least 14 different ouvert styles. This brief is truly an open brief with no gusset at all, and of absolutely no functional use as underwear. The sole purpose of this is to beautify your glorious ass and hips with a striking herringbone design. The front is equally open, displaying and framing your pudenda and inviting someone to come and play with your pussy. The entire garment is made of simple adjustable elastic straps which makes it easilywashable.

Satisfaction score πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†


2. Something Wicked Jade Ouvert Brief


The Something Wicked range was inspired by me apparently so I’m immodest enough to feature it here of course. I love the whole Jade range for its fierceness and my favourite item is the high-waisted brief, which is much more my preferred style. However this Ouvert brief is a special item for intimate moments – it can still be worn as a functional garment and looks super cute from front and back with the harness straps. The straps are adjustable but I still found myself wishing for less flesh around the top of my hips because the straps cannot help but make them look lumpy. This is a common issue with all harness style knickers – set a thin elastic strap across your fleshiest bits and you will get some bulge, ranging from a muffin to a spare tyre, depending on your body shape. However, still a show-stopping style, framing one’s bottom invitingly. There is a small gusset which means that it can be worn as a normal pair of underpants, and would only prove a small obstacle to a determined ‘Jade flute’ that desires entry to the ‘Jade caves’. (In case you’re wondering, jade is a metaphor for sexual intercourse in Japanese and Chinese erotica)

Satisfaction score: πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

3. Silk Strap Briefs by Ikonostas

I fell in love with Ikonostas and the couture lingerie created by Daniela when I visited Florence. The craftsmanship and sumptuous fabrics are out of this world, with styles that hark back to vintage styles but with modern high-tech materials. This simple silk ouvert strap brief is light and silky soft and can be worn all day long, although you’d probably forget you were wearing anything at all. The straps are not tight on me, which is why I don’t get any digging in to the hips at all. Maybe that’s the trick, buy a bigger size with strappy briefs! The booty looks bootifully framed, ready for a booty-bang, although, again, there is a small gusset in the way which would have to be pushed aside whilst you’re on your knees.

Satisfaction score:πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

Ikonostas Couture Strap Brief. Photo by Nicolas La Borie

4. Bordelle Amaya Ouvert Strap Brief

Bordelle Amaya Ouvert Strap Brief

Back to the Bordelle showroom to show you the Amaya range, the only brief here that is not pictured in black. Most of the Bordelle range is available in the other signature colours of red, black, rose and caramel, but for photographic reasons, I have chosen black for maximum contrast on my pale pasty ass. The Amaya range however, is absolutely stunning in this caramel and blue colour-way and would look striking on darker skin tones. Again, this brief is a true ouvert style, front and back, thereby precluding me from showing you a picture of the front! Have a look for yourself on the Bordelle website to see what I mean! Certainly no obstacles for the lusty lover here.

Satisfaction score:πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

5. Bordelle Allegra Ouvert Wrap Brief

I absolutely adore the Allegra Wrap range of bras, briefs and suspenders for their sumptuous wearability and comfort. Not as eye-catching as the rest of the Allegra range because this set of underwear is made for the wearer, rather than the beholder. It’s for the woman who wants to wear underwear for herself, to be comfortable and to feel sexy all day long. The rose pink and black are both staple colours that women need in their lingerie wardrobe. The fabric is easily washable and cool to the skin. The ouvert brief is undoubtedly comfortable and sexy but it contains a hidden split gusset, making this the sort of briefs you might wear all day, just for yourself, with perhaps the hope, but not the expectation, that you might get some action later. Perhaps at the restaurant, should a hand slip under your skirt, it will discover the surprise opening…

Satisfaction score:πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

Bordelle Allegra Ouvert Wrap Brief

A final word for my enquirer. If fucking from behind requires some lingerie to spice it up, you don’t have to wear knickers at all. I find the winning combination of suspender belt and stockings never lets you down. It looks damn hot from front and behind and can stay on all through the night, whilst you’re on your back, your front, on your knees, up against the wall…..πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

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